How Much Does Artificial Grass Cost?

Contemporary fashion and trends continue to show that an artificial grass lawn can benefit not only your pocketbook but also your everyday life. It eliminates weeding, mowing, and the need for expensive grass-growing and weed-killing chemicals.

But the artificial grass costs might intimidate many people and initially stop them from investing in artificial lawns. 

The upfront price tag is only a small part of the financial investment plan. You also have to consider ongoing maintenance costs and other long-term expenses. 

Like any other project, the final price you will pay depends on various factors, including the square footage of the space you are covering.

That price typically includes:

  • The required materials
  • Labour – To excavate the area, apply base gravel, and fit the turf
  • Planning, preparation, and cleanup of the site.

Many artificial grass retailers like Easigrass, Carpet Right, and B&Q are offering synthetic turfs at different price ranges. Artificial grass cost at B&Q starts from £28 and increases to £280. 

However, let’s thoroughly look into the subject and evaluate what sort of dent artificial grass can fit your budget.

Installation Costs

Cost factors include the type of synthetic grass chosen and the size of your garden. On average, artificial grass installation costs most homeowners between £55-£75 per square metre, depending on the product and project details. Therefore, if you are covering an area of 50m², it means the cost for grass and installation will be between £3,500 and £5,100.

Various other factors can affect costs too. For instance, unusual shapes and lawns with curves cost more because of expensive off-cuts.

Artificial Grass Cost

It can be tricky to find exactly how much artificial grass costs online. And that is because artificial turf varies in price depending on the retailer from whom you purchase. Artificial grass is priced per metre square and rolls often come in varying widths ranging from 7 to 15 feet. 

Basic Quality:

On a fixed-budget, the Basic Quality of artificial grass is the cheapest and most cost-effective choice. For basic versions, artificial grass cost starts at £4.99 per m² and spans up to £9.99 per m² (depending on the used materials and thickness of the weave).

With fitting, for a standard small garden measuring 40m², the material alone will cost about £200-£400. And with added labour costs, it would amount to around £300-£500.

Medium Quality:

The most commonly purchased style of artificial grass is medium quality. Artificial grass cost for medium quality begins at around £9.99 per m² and increases to £19.99 per m², depending on the thickness of the weave, required realism, and materials used for the required style.

Including fitting, for a standard UK garden measuring 70m², it would cost around £700-£1,400 for the materials. And with labour costs, it increases to about £900-£1,600.

Premium Quality:

Premium is one of the durable and best quality styles available on the market. Providing an incredibly true-to-life look and feel, it is the recommended choice for a sustainable alternative to real grass.

Premium artificial grass cost begins at around only £29.99 per m² increase to around £39.99 per m², reliant on the thickness of the weave, realism required, length of the necessary grass, and materials used in construction.

Laying premium artificial grass in a standard, medium-sized garden ( measuring 70m²), the material alone will cost around £2,000-£2,800. And with the cost of fitting, it would usually be £2,500-£3,200. 

Elite Quality:

The highest-quality artificial grass on the market is known as Elite. Even the sharpest eyes can often confuse it with real grass. Only an extraordinarily close and impeccable inspection can identify it as synthetic.

With the remarkably high level of quality, elite quality artificial grass cost starts at about £49.99 per m² and goes up to £99.99 per m².

For a standard size garden (measuring 70m²), the materials alone will cost around £3,500-£7,000. And it will usually increase to approximately £3,800-£7,300, with the added fitting costs.

Artificial Grass Material Costs

One of the main factors that determine the price of artificial grass is the material used to make it. Fake turf comes in a variety of styles designed to look and feel like its natural equivalent. 

There are three primary types of artificial turf: 

  • Nylon
  • Polypropylene
  • Polyethene.


Nylon is chosen for its superior flexibility and strength, making it perfect for high foot traffic and high-wear environments such as commercial spaces. It is the first choice of synthetic material for the manufacturing of artificial grass, though it does not appear as realistic as its other counterparts.

Due to the expensive base materials and complicated process, nylon has the highest initial cost when used for artificial grass. The price of nylon grass usually begins at around £9.99 per m² and can increase up to £39.99 per m².


Polyethene is often the best choice when you want a lavish green lawn with a soft, natural feel. It has become a popular material in the production of budget-friendly artificial grass.

The major downside to this cost-effective option is its lack of natural appeal due to the polished reflective property; which can also make it increasingly slippery in wet conditions.

The prices of polypropylene grass start around £9.99 per m² and increase to about £29.99 per m², depending on various other factors. (i.e. the thickness of artificial turf)


No surprise, polyethene is a universal material used for the manufacturing of artificial turf. It could be a reliable choice for homeowners who are looking to stay in a budget.

However, it is best suited for areas that do not receive much foot traffic and are not exposed to more extended periods of heat exposure which can potentially disfigure the blades.

Polythene artificial grass cost begins at around £19.99 per m² for average quality grass and increases to £49.99 per m² for the most realistic varieties.

Important To Note: 

Never compromise on quality to save a few pounds. As you are investing in a synthetic product, we recommend you to consider installing the best quality grass out there. 

While a more costly grass might appear expensive in the short term, but in the long run, it will need much less maintenance and will last longer. 

Head out to today if you are looking for long-lasting and budget-friendly synthetic turfs.

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