Grass Range

We have meticulously selected the best ranges of artificial grass designed specifically for our campaign NO MORE MUDDY FEET

ComfyGrass installation experts for your natural looking

Artificial Turf and Premium Grass products.


The Comfy-Buckingham range is meticulously designed to be the  showpiece for all gardens, terraces and anywhere green.  

Comfy-Windsor Grass Range

The Comfy-Windsor range is the undeniable artificial grass choice for anyone and everyone. Lawns, terraces, patios and even balconies can be uplifted tremendously with the Windsor.

Comfy-Kensington Grass Range

The Comfy-Kensington range is a extra durable, highly rugged grass designed for gardens where children and pets are wanting to play.

Comfy-Alastair Grass Range

The Comfy-Alastair grass is meant for the sportsman between us. Our most resilient grass for the toughest situations.

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